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About Us

Welcome to Tallulah Ketubahs! We are a creative studio and premier provider of boutique ketubahs, wedding stationery, paper goods, and calligraphy services. The business is rooted in carefully crafted, beautiful, hand-painted ketubahs and wedding certificates that are accessible to the widest variety of customers regardless of religious background, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. By working closely with our customers, we help them to create meaningful custom works of art that are designed to be a central art piece in their home.

A Tallulah Ketubah is also a reflection of a couples’ commitment to one another and their intentions for their married life together, a visual representation of their unique story, and a modern interpretation of a ritual tradition that connects them to a centuries-old faith.

Rachel Marks, Founder & Designer

Tallulah Ketubahs was started by Rachel Marks, a lifelong artist and graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art. She began making ketubahs when she and her husband were married in 2009. They wanted something beautiful and unique and couldn't find exactly what they were looking for in the traditional places. So Rachel decided to create her own original design, featuring a peacock and peahen under a cedar tree.

Rachel continued to make ketubahs and wedding contracts for friends and family members, and their friends and family members, and through word of mouth the business grew to more than just a side project. In 2014, Rachel officially launched Tallulah Ketubahs with nine original designs. Each year she continues to add more original designs to the Print Ketubahs & Wedding Certificates collection and in 2017 she began working with guest artists to create original designs that are available exclusively through Tallulah Ketubahs.

"Through Tallulah Ketubahs, I am able to put my talent and love of painting towards the wonderful purpose of creating meaningful works of art for people of all backgrounds. It is deeply rewarding to help my couples celebrate their weddings, anniversaries, new homes, and other important life-cycle events through my art" -Rachel