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Introducing Guest Artist Noa Mishkin

Introducing Guest Artist Noa Mishkin

Tallulah Ketubahs is excited to introduce our latest guest artist, Noa Mishkin, a talented illustrator based in Jerusalem, Israel. This season, Noa has teamed up with Tallulah Ketubahs to unveil a stunning new print ketubah, Pollinator’s Paradise. This delighfully sunny design celebrates the often-overlooked ecosystem of insects, wildflowers, and plants, drawn with intimate and meticulous detail to invite viewers to explore the vibrant life from a ground-level perspective. The botanicals and pollinators featured are native to Noa's home in central Israel, making each element of the design deeply personal and authentic.

Tallulah Ketubahs | Pollinator's Paradise Ketubah by Noa Mishkin



Noa's uses traditional illustration media like colored pencils and gouache to bring her vibrant illustrations to life. Her artistry focuses on creating engaging visual narratives for children's magazines, books, and personal commissions. 

She is currently dedicated to illustrating a children's book for PJ Library, which reaches young readers across Israel and the Jewish diaspora, highlighting her commitment to creating educational and impactful art. Additionally, her first graphic novel, "As a Burning Flame," which delves into the life of Regina Jonas, the first female ordained rabbi, showcases her talent for bringing significant historical figures to life and is available through Ayin Press. 

Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in her passion for nature and her community.

Living with her husband, a middle school teacher, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life like bird-watching, an activity that not only feeds her artistic inspiration but also connects her with her local environment. She is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and remains an activly exhibits her artwork within the Israeli illustrator community.


Noa has been creating personal, original ketubahs for about a decade, beginning with friends and family, before expanding this beloved aspect of her business. She shared with us that she is, "excited to offer the Pollinator's Paradise piece in a more widespread way as a print. I have always loved the idea of commemorating your wedding through a piece of art." 

Noa Mishkin's partnership with Tallulah Ketubahs is a fusion of artistic finesse and cultural heritage, promising couples a ketubah that's both a meaningful symbol and a lifelong treasure. This ketubah is an ideal choice for nature lovers seeking a modern twist on traditional themes. Her fresh design stands out as truly unique, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural world. 

The Pollinator’s Paradise ketubah by Noa Mishkin is offered exclusively through Tallulah Ketubahs. It is a perfect choice for couples looking to infuse their celebration with the essence of Israeli nature and artistry.

For more about Noa and her diverse portfolio, visit her Instagram @noamishkin and explore her projects at

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